Carpet cleaners Essex use truck mount equipment!

Carpet cleaning in essex came in to the 21st century with the advent of the truck mounted equipment we use, this is a very impressive piece of machinery and as the heading implies the equipment is fixed into the back of a van and that means we carry our own purified water so there is no need to use your water and what's more there is no requirement to use your electricity to run the machines or heat up the water to a suitable temperature for cleaning as most carpet cleaners in Essex have to do with their outdated machiney. All our clients in their Testimonials prefer the truck mount equipment especially with regards to no longer having to have a big noisy machine pouring hot humid polluted air in to their home environment.

The power is generated by the engine in the van with the added benefit of massively increased performance up to 20 times more power than the average portable machine being used by your Essex carpet cleaner. The biggest benefit from this extra power is a significant improvement in cleaning heavily soiled carpets and a big bonus is the rapid drying times achieved. This comes into its own when working on oriental rugs especially the very thick Indian and Chinese rugs.

Commercial cleaning of carpets and upholstery

This method comes into its own when carrying out commercial work, you can clean very large areas of carpet in restaurants, bars and offices. One area we carry out a lot of work in is residential nursing homes Essex county wide. This system enables us to work several hundred feet away from where the van is parked while still maintaining a level of performance that has to be seen to be believed. The system uses purified softened water negating the effects of the hard water generally found in Essex this negates the need for heavy usage of the eco friendly chemicals used.

The system is fantastic for upholstery cleaning in that It enables us to operate with an enclosed hand tool that cleans and extracts the soiled water without any overspray! This is made possible by the very high pressure the truck mount cleaner generates coupled with a huge airflow that the system produces.

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