Dust mite allergy related asthma or eczema

A previous owner who worked for many years as a carpet cleaner has for the last 15 years run a very successful Allergy Clinic In Essex offering extensive Allergy Testing including testing for Dust Mite Allergy related asthma & eczema and although many experts will tell you 1st to get rid of the carpets and fabric covered upholstery in your home he can tell you this does not on its own rectify the problem and what's more asthma sufferers at certain times of year would have to live in a vacuum because every time a window or a door gets opened the remaining Dust Mite Allergens that are displaced from the wooden or laminate floors can still be so prolific that they often still will cause a severe allergic reaction for asthma and eczema sufferers. So you can be assured that a short piled carpet that is vacuumed regularly with a high filtration vacuum cleaner and is professionally cleaned at least once a year can help reduce the symptoms of a dust mite allergy and the effects of many other allergens like Pollen or Animal Dander can be significantly reduced due to the fact that the carpet tends to act much like a lung in that it attracts and keeps such allergens bonded to the carpet until they are vacuumed away..... One reason for this is the static charge a carpet will hold bonding in particular the microscopic particles of faecal matter discarded by the dust mites that cause you to suffer from a Dust Mite Allergy.

Cleaning helps asthma & eczema sufferers

Truck mount carpet cleaning equipment is so powerful that the eco friendly chemicals we use leave little in the way of residue and if necessary we can clean with just pure water this is sometimes necessary for Asthma and skin allergy sufferers with Eczema who may be sensitive to even the tiniest amounts of chemical used but the main advantage of cleaning your carpets rugs and upholstery using this system is the fact that a huge proportion of the mite population and its allergens will be eradicated by being displaced by the cleaning itself and also the heat of the cleaning 240 degrees Fahrenheit has a prolific impact on any of the remaining population left who of course can repopulate in time but this is where a better understanding on the subject of allergies can help so for more information check out Essex Allergy Testing Essex.

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